Screen Printing

Screen printing is what Ink King Studio focuses on and does best!
Once the artwork has been approved it is time to move onto production.
Firstly by creating the screens needed, then mixing inks, and finally printing the design onto the chosen items
All prints are done manually onto a huge range of garments and promotional items.
For more information on the items available please get in contact.

Custom Tags

Custom tag prints are a good way to give your garments a professional look.
It is a cheaper option than sewing in custom woven labels, and can be more comfortable having a tag less shirt.
They are a popular choice for brands that want to sell their clothing. Add your logo, garment size and care instructions to make your order ready for retail.


Whether you are planning to sell your printed garments or just keep stock, poly bagging is a great way to add the finishing touch and protect your item.
Poly bags can give your product a professional feel and makes a good impression on customers.
As well as looking nice, the poly bags will keep your garment in perfect condition and makes sorting into sizes / styles much easier.

A huge range of garments and promotional items are available to be screen printed on. Whether its a low cost promotional t-shirt or a high quality hoody you’re looking for, there will be something to match your needs from one of the many brands and suppliers we use. For advice or suggestions on the right garments, please get in contact.

Choosing the right ink

Choosing the right ink depends on the garment you choose and the design that you want to print.
Whether its a 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend t-shirt, there is an ink option to do the job and achieve the style you want.


Plastisol inks are the most commonly used inks for textile screen printing.
They are easier to use and produce great / bright prints on all types of garment, whether its cotton or polyester.
When printing with plastisol a thin layer of ink is put onto of the material. This means that the print will be very slightly raised. Pantone colours can be easily matched and will be vibrant – standing out from the material.

Waterbased / Discahrge

Water based inks produce a soft printed t-shirt while still maintaining a bright colour.
The process involves dying the fabric threads rather than printing a layer of ink on top like plastisol.

This works on 100% cotton garments and some poly blends. Some colours don’t discharge as well others.
For more info please get in contact!

We’ve added an extra step to the screen printing process with an iron attachment.
The iron heats and flattens the ink / garment surface, resulting in an incredibly smooth finished product whether its a plastisol or waterbased print.